Developing Safe, High-Quality Products

Do-Best’s System for Ensuring
and Improving Product Safety and Quality

Do-Best is able to develop and manufacture high-quality products reliably. Do-Best has 49 years’ worth of overseas manufacturing experience, and is constantly searching for the most reliable vendors in locations such as Taiwan, China, and Korea so that Do-Best can maintain its capacity to develop and manufacture a wide variety of products. Do-Best has formal working relationships with large overseas cosmetics ingredient manufacturers and OEMs. These relationships allow Do-Best to provide high-quality products at reasonable prices. Do-Best’s thorough quality control measures and testing ensure that our customers can trust and depend on our products. We plan and design products that reliably make our customers’ dreams reality, and expend considerable effort on the ease of use and aesthetics of the product containers as well, to ensure that everything that Do-Best sells is a finely finished and highly safe product.

The Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Law requires that business owners assume an extremely high level of responsibility for ensuring the quality of products that utilize imported cosmetics and controlling the safety of these products postmarketing. Obtaining manufacturing and marketing approval and performing all subsequent operations requires significant expenditure on the personnel and equipment needed for quality control (including hiring qualified technicians, pharmacists, etc., establishing a quality control and safety management system [GQP, GVP], securing storage facilities that satisfy the regulations for such facilities, and securing testing facilities [contracting with testing organizations]).

Procedure for Ensuring Safety in the Cosmetic Development
and Manufacturing Process

  • 1.Planning / Design
  • 2.Ingredient (Bulk) Procurement

    Quality Control/Safety Testing and Regulatory Checks

    3.Materials (Packaging/Blister) Procurement

    Quality Control/Stability Testing

  • 4.Production

    Site Monitoring

  • 5.Product Finalization

    Pre-Release Testing

  • 6.Inventory/Release

    Post-Inventory Testing

Procedure for Ensuring Safety in the Cosmetic Development
and Manufacturing Process

In the cosmetics and miscellaneous goods market, sales can vary widely depending on the products, trends, or catch phrases of the moment. Do-Best’s Planning and Development Group constantly seeks out and analyzes worldwide product trends and takes ease of use and the suitability of colors and product feel for our customers into consideration when developing new products. While constantly attempting to design new products, we are also focused on providing products that will be reliable standbys our customers know they can count on, to ensure that Do-Best’s has a complete product lineup that covers all of our target markets. Do-Best also expends considerable effort on ensuring that our products’ containers and packaging are up-to-date and reflect current market trends.
2.Ingredient (Bulk) ProcurementQuality Control/Safety Testing and Regulatory Checks
Do-Best uses our 49 years’ worth of experience in cosmetics manufacturing both in Japan and overseas to identify the best suppliers from among a select group of several dozen companies in, for example, Taiwan, China, and Korea. These suppliers are asked to produce samples based on Do-Best’s designs, and Do-Best then evaluates and tests these samples. Do-Best also makes sure that the ingredients comply with the Japan Pharmaceutical Affairs Law and checks to make sure no problems are found in the safety data, after which Do-Best will instruct the supplier to start manufacturing the product. Do-Best performs comprehensive safety tests for heavy metals, formalin, etc., and only uses ingredients that pass all tests.
3.Procurement of Materials (Containers, Blisters, etc.)Quality Control/Stability Testing
Do-Best always conducts a thorough search to identify the container that will be optimal for the product and price point in question. Do-Best creates designs that are not only fun and attractive, but that also ensure ease of use and make the product’s features immediately clear to the consumer. Do-Best carefully checks all the materials and the construction of the product rigorously, taking the shipping and use environments into account, and performs various tests (of, for example, heat resistance and strength), depending on the specific characteristics of the individual product in question, in order to evaluate all prospective materials. All materials are selected following acceptance tests performed at the vendors to ensure that only non-defective materials are used.
4.ProductionSite Monitoring
The Research Group in Do-Best’s Technology Division performs pre-production analyses on samples of preservatives, colorants, etc. to confirm that there are no problems before initiating filling operations.
At the start of production, technicians and design staff from Do-Best are dispatched to vendor facilities to closely monitor ingredient and material quality and the manufacturing process when starting production.
5.Product Completion and TestingPre-Release Testing
Before being released to the Japanese market, finished products are inspected by QC staff, and are subjects to external appearance, quality, and microorganism tests in Japan, as well, to ensure that they do not have any defects or other quality problems. Only products that pass these tests are released to the Japanese market.
6.Inventory Sampling and ReleasePost-Inventory Testing
Products released from the manufacturing facility and delivered to the Japanese distribution center are tested rigorously based on a statistical quality control method. Products that pass sampling testing are registered in the marketing and purchasing control system, and only those products that pass testing are released to regional distributors and retail outlets nationwide.
Following release, “retained samples” from each lot are stored and examined periodically so that Do-Best will be able to respond immediately in the event any customer complaints are received.
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