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Product Safety and Quality Control

Do-Best constantly works to ensure, improve the safety and quality of its products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are "Cosmetics"?
According to Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, cosmetics are "products that have mild effects and that are applied to the skin or body for the purpose of improving personal hygiene or appearance."
What does the country of origin mean? What does "MADE IN CHINA" mean?
Even if raw materials obtained from several different countries such as United States, Japan and Europe are used, if the bulk cosmetic was prepared in China, the cosmetic will be labeled as "MADE IN CHINA." Do-Best manufactures its cosmetics using high-quality raw materials sourced not only from China, but also from other countries, including the United States, Japan, and Europe.
How is it possible for Do-Best to manufacture and sell for 100 yen?
the kinds of high-quality cosmetics that most large manufacturers sell for much higher price?
High-quality cosmetics can be provided to the consumer at low cost by cutting back on marketing and promotion expenses, which account for a large proportion of the cost of any cosmetic, and by manufacturing in large quantities in locations with low labor costs.
Will children be harmed if they ingest Do-Best's cosmetics?
While Do-Best uses highly safe raw materials to manufacture its cosmetics, we ask all consumers to always keep cosmetics out of the reach of children, and to follow the precautions for use so that they are not accidentally ingested. If a cream or emulsion is accidentally ingested, wet a piece of gauze and use it to wipe the inside of the person's mouth, and have the person drink water or milk (in order to dilute the ingested substance), and monitor the person's condition. Do-Best recommends that you go to a doctor; be sure to take the cosmetic (labeled with all the ingredients it contains) with you to show to the doctor.
However, products such as nail polish or nail polish remover are extremely dangerous, due to the possibility of mucous membrane inflammation. Please take all necessary precautions to ensure that such products are never ingested. If such products are mistakenly ingested, the person should be taken to a doctor immediately; inducing vomiting or drinking water in this situation would be dangerous, and should be avoided.
Why are all of the ingredients listed on the packaging?
Starting in April 2001, a cosmetic's packaging must list all of its ingredients. Listing all of a cosmetic's ingredients allows the consumer to know what ingredients were used to make the cosmetic, and allows consumers to select the products that are most appropriate for their own bodies and skins.

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