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Product Safety and Quality Control

Do-Best constantly works to ensure, improve the safety and quality of its products.

Product Safety and Quality Control 02

Procedures for ensuring safety when developing and manufacturing cosmetics

  • Planning/design
  • Raw materials(cosmetic ingredients)
  • Raw materials(containers, blister-packaging,etc.)
  • Production
  • Finished products
  • Delivery
  • Do-Best constantly works to identify what qualities are in demand for cosmetics, and to plan/design appealing products that satisfy these demands.
■Raw materials (cosmetic ingredients)
  • ・Do-Best has samples prepared based on its product designs, and then tests and assesses the products for color and feel of use.
  • ・Do-Best checks the raw materials for safety (e.g., heavy metals, formalin), and uses only those raw materials that pass its safety inspections.
  • ・Do-Best checks to make sure that the product is in compliance with Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, and that there are no problems with the raw material safety data, and only then gives the order to start production.
■Raw materials (containers, blister packaging, etc.)
  • ・Do-Best assesses all materials for thermal resistance and durability, with transportation and handling and use conditions always in mind.
  • ・Do-Best uses acceptance testing to monitor each of its raw materials suppliers, and uses only products that are free of defects.
  • ・Before allowing the bulk cosmetics to be packaged, Do-Best performs analyses of the preservatives and colorants, for example, in its own laboratories in order to confirm that there are no problems, and only then allows bulk cosmetics to be packaged.
  • ・When production is ready to be started, Do-Best sends its own technical staff to the manufacturer to monitor quality and oversee the production process.
■Finished products
  • ・Finished products are tested for microorganisms, quality, and appearance, including the presence of scratches or cracks, and only those products that pass inspection are shipped.
  • ・Products shipped from the manufacturer are rigorously inspected in accordance with Do-Best's statistical quality control system.
  • ・Products that pass Do-Best's sampling tests are registered in Do-Best's sales and purchasing control system, and only those products that satisfy Do-Best's criteria are shipped.
  • ・A "storage sample" is retained for each lot, and periodically inspected, to make it possible to respond immediately to, for example, any inquiries from customers.

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