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Product Safety and Quality Control

Do-Best constantly works to ensure, improve the safety and quality of its products.

Product Safety and Quality Control 01
Do-Best is capable of developing and manufacturing high-quality products quickly. Do-Best has more than 40 years of experience with overseas manufacturing, and is now able to have various product lines manufactured by more than ten carefully vetted partners in Taiwan, China, Korea, and elsewhere. Do-Best is able to provide high-quality, excellent-value products thanks to its relationships with major overseas cosmetics raw materials and OEM manufacturers. Do-Best ensures the highest level of quality control through close communications with its manufacturing partners as well as its product testing regime, in order to constantly provide its customers with products they can trust. Do-Best plans and designs its products so that they will be sure to meet our customers' needs, and conducts extensive research and development on all aspects of production, including feel of use, in order to be able to provide highly finished products.
Japan's Pharmaceutical Affairs Law has stringent requirements regarding the quality assurance of imported cosmetics and safety control postmarketing. In order to acquire a manufacturing and marketing license and continue to operate in this capacity, Do-Best has spared no effort or expense in the hiring of experts (licensed chemists and pharmacists, etc.), the establishment of quality and safety control systems (GQP, GVP), and the construction and set-up of storage and testing facilities that are in compliance with Japan's Facilities and Equipment Regulations.

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