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A Message From the President

Smart, Fun and Stylish! Do-Best's mission is to help everyone be smart, fun and stylish.

Thanks to our customers, this year marks the 45th anniversary of the founding of DO-BEST.

DO-BEST was founded based on a desire to provide Japanese consumers with a reliable source of high-quality cosmetic products at a low price, and has thrived through strict adherence to the following three guiding principles.

  • 1. Provide high-quality cosmetic products at a low price
  • 2. Maintain adequate inventory, to ensure a constant supply capable of meeting customer demand.
  • 3. Monitor the global market closely at all times to seek out the best suppliers and the most promising new markets from all around the world.

At first, DO-BEST imported cosmetics from Taiwan for sale in major Japanese supermarket, drugstore, and discount chains. However, the supermarket chain store industry collapsed around the year 2000. The Nagasakiya and Mycal chains, which had been major DO-BEST customers, went out of business, and the Daiei and Seiyu chains contracted substantially.DO-BEST, which had been relying on these major supermarket chains, found itself in a crisis situation, but we survived by being fortunate enough to unload a large quantity of inventory through “100-yen stores” such as Seria, Can Do, and Watts.

Since that time, instead of simply looking at 100-yen stores as an emergency relief valve for moving excess inventory, DO-BEST has formulated a long-term strategy of partnering with 100-yen stores to develop cosmetics for this market that are profitable both for DO-BEST and for the 100-yen stores companies.

For 13 years after founding DO-BEST, my father, who preceded me as president, also ran a separate company that was a subcontractor for major cosmetics companies including Shiseido, Kose, Pola, Estée Lauder, Revlon, and L’Oreal, and used this experience to gain a thorough understanding of all aspects of the development, manufacture, and quality control of high-quality cosmetics products. He used what he had learned to import products from Taiwan and China at a good price and outcompete the companies that were then selling cosmetics to the 100-yen stores. DO-BEST eventually became the largest supplier of cosmetics products to leading 100-yen store chains such as Seria, Can Do, and Watts.

In order to retain its position as a leading supplier of cosmetics to 100-yen stores, DO-BEST must both successfully deliver products that are “so good consumers can’t believe they cost only 100 yen” and also to develop an efficient corporate structure and systems that will allow DO-BEST to turn a healthy profit even at a low per-unit price. DO-BEST needs to have a small yet robust corporate structure, to deal directly with personally cultivated suppliers, to operate exclusively on a cash payment basis, to obtain goods as inexpensively as possible, and to execute product delivery flawlessly.

In addition to the sales to 100 yen stores, Do-Best has started to sell makeup cosmetic products to ordinary mass market stores by launching a new brand name, DOBEST TOKYO. Most of the products under the brand name of DOBEST TOKYO are made in Japan.

DO-BEST also has expanded its business operations to sundry and variety goods such as stationary goods and craft goods which sell a lot at 100 yen stores in recent years.

Moving forward, DO-BEST aims to aggressively target other markets around the world in which to market the same “high-quality cosmetics at a low price” that we deliver to Japanese 100-yen stores. DO-BEST is also using Hong Kong as a base from which to market products in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Asian nations.

My goal is to grow DO-BEST into a global company. Our current target is for markets outside Japan to account for a majority of DO-BEST’s sales within 10 years.

Daitaro Sugawara, President and Chief Executive Officer

株式会社ドゥ・ベスト 代表取締役社長 菅原大太郎
President and Chief Executive Officer
Daitaro Sugawara

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