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Do-Best's Businesses

DO-BEST develops and markets a wide variety of appealing, high-quality, excellent-value products based on the concept "smart, fun, and stylish."

1. Dollar-store Products(cosmetics, skin-care and beauty products, and stationary and other miscellaneous goods)
Since DO-BEST was founded more than 40 years ago, we have been focused on importing "high-quality, excellent-value cosmetics." DO-BEST now holds a commanding share of the dollar-store cosmetics business in Japan, and has recently been expanding into the development and marketing of other skin-care and beauty products and stationary and other miscellaneous goods.
2. Media Businesses(Catalog and Television Shopping)
DO-BEST has been leveraging our experience with direct catalog and television shopping companies to expand our product line-up and offer unique cosmetic products exclusively through catalogs and television shopping channels.
3. E-Commerce Business
DO-BEST has been initiating new projects on several e-commerce and mobile platforms.

Do-Best's Brands

DO-BEST has been aggressively building out its branded product lines, in both its dollar-store business and its catalog and television shopping business, in order to be able to offer consumers a continuous supply of exciting new products.

Dollar-store Business (cosmetics, skin-care and beauty products, stationary and other miscellaneous goods)

Global Positioning

DO-BEST actively markets its high-quality, excellent-value products not only in Japan, but also in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian nations.

Global Positioning

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